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Privacy policy

Personal Data Act (523/1999), Sections 10 and 24

Controller of data file:

A-Clinic Foundation, Ratamestarinkatu 7, 00520 Helsinki, Finland, tel. +358 10 50 650

Contact person:

Data Protection Officer Tiia Ruokosalo
Ratamestarinkatu 7, 00520 Helsinki
Contact by email saatio.tietosuoja (at) or by regular mail to the address above with the marking "A-klinikkasäätiö / Data protection"

Name of data file:

Personal data related to visitors to the Dopinglinkki site, collected via the advisory service, surveys/questionnaires, “Puhtaan liikunnan puolesta” (“Clean Sports”) programme form, training orders, feedback forms, quizzes and fixed-term competitions.

Purpose of use of data file:

Email addresses are needed in the advisory service for an automatic emailed notification. Background information, which is provided voluntarily, is used as a basis for giving advice. Questions and background information may also be used as research material in anonymised form.

Responses to the adverse effects questionnaire may also be used as research material. The data are anonymised to ensure that individuals cannot be recognised. 

The contact details of fitness centres that join the “Puhtaan liikunnan puolesta” (“Clean Sports”) programme are collected in order to advertise the centres and to contact them in relation to the programme (e.g. by sending a members’ newsletter).

In the visitors’ survey and in competitions, participants’ email addresses are needed for prize draws.

The contact details requested when persons or organisations order training sessions or give feedback are used for contacting the data subject in question.

Content of the data file

When someone contacts the advisory service, we request background information such as gender, age, place of residence, education level and main occupation. This information is provided voluntarily. The data subject is emailed a pass code that they need for reading the answer to their query, as well as a notification once their question has been answered. The email address is automatically erased from the database once the notification has been sent. Providing the email address is voluntary, and is not essential for using the service. Please refer to the terms of use of the advisory service.

The questions and answers generated as part of the advisory service may be modified to create highly generalised sample questions and answers for the site.

The adverse effects questionnaire requests information such as the respondent’s age and gender. These answers are voluntary.

The visitors’ survey requests the respondent’s age, education level and gender, among other things. The respondent may choose to provide an email address.

When someone orders a training session, we request the name of the organisation making the booking, as well as a contact person’s name, telephone number and email address.

For fixed-term competitions, we may request the entrant’s name and email address in order to contact them.

The “Puhtaan liikunnan puolesta” registration form asks for the contact details (name, address, telephone number and email) of the fitness centre that is joining, as well as their contact person.

Regular data sources:

The users of the Dopinlinkki service decide which data to provide on themselves.

Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data to outside the EU or EEA:

The statistical data collected within Dopinglinkki and the questions sent to the advisory service are not ordinarily disclosed to third parties.

They may, however, be disclosed to external researchers who have been authorised by the A-Clinic Foundation to use them as research materials. If necessary, requests to use such research materials are considered by the Foundation’s Ethics Committee.

Data security principles:

Electronically collected data are stored in a database supplied by a service provider, which cannot be accessed by outsiders. Access to the database requires authentication by username and password.

Other items of note:

Should data be collected in any way other than those mentioned above, the users of the website will be informed, at the time of collection, of data protection practices, the possible publication of the data, and how the data will be processed.

Use of cookies on the site:

In accordance with the Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (15/6/2004, 516/2004), and particularly Chapter 1, Sections 1, 7 and 9 therein, cookies are used on this website in such a way that they do not violate the privacy of the users of the service. Cookies are used for instance for measurement and research purposes, in order to determine the types and quantities of uses of the service. In using cookies, we cannot and do not attempt to link cookie data to any personal or contact details of the site’s users, and the cookies do not allow us to view or copy data located on storage facilities of the users’ devices, such as hard drives. Users may block the use of cookies in their browser settings if they so wish, but that may adversely affect the functionality of the site and is therefore not recommended.