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Created 7/12/2020. Updated 11/23/2020

Combined data file description and information document

 The data collected in connection with the registration will form a register to which the general EU data protection regulation and the data protection act apply (5.12.2018 / 1050(link is external)

Controller of data file:

A-Clinic Foundation, Ratamestarinkatu 7, 00520 Helsinki, Finland.

Contact person at Dopinglinkki: Hanna-Kaisa Jussila, dopinglinkki (at)

Data Protection Officer at the A-Clinic Foundation: Tiia Ruokosalo. Contact by email saatio.tietosuoja (at) or by regular mail to the address above with the marking “A-klinikkasäätiö / Tietosuoja”

Name of data file:

Participant data file for Dopinglinkki’s online courses in the Moodle platform and data collected from electronic forms.

Purpose of use of data file:

The personal data stored in the participant data file are used for following the progress of the online course in question, for reporting on it to the organisation that ordered it, and for making the contacts needed by the learning environment.  The personal data saved in logs based on the use of the learning environment are used for investigating technical problems and following participants’ activity levels. The participant data file may also be used for research purposes, to contact a target group in order to request responses to interviews or electronic surveys, but the data and results are anonymised so that no one can be recognised based on them.

Content of the data file:

The learning environment’s records contain the following participant details, provided by the participants upon registration: name, email address, town, country and organisation. The learning environment stores log data on logins and test grades, as well as a course certificate (in PDF format), containing the participant’s name, for those who have passed the course.

The IP address of the device from which the form is filled is automatically saved in the participant data file.

Regular data sources:

The data files are compiled from data provided by a client or participant voluntarily on electronic forms. IP addresses are automatically saved in the system.

Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data to outside the EU or EEA:

The data in the participant data files are not disclosed or transferred to third parties. The learning environment’s feedback questionnaires are stored on a service provider’s server and processed anonymously. The contracted service providers have their own privacy policies.

Principles of data file protection:

All data are stored in databases supplied by a service provider, which cannot be accessed by outsiders. Access to the databases requires authentication by username and password. Data files and log data can only be processed by persons appointed for that task within the A-Clinic Foundation. By default, IP addresses are not revealed to anyone. Participants are responsible for keeping their own usernames and passwords safe and not disclosing them to anyone else.

Right to review and right to rectification of data:

Participants are able to access and edit the personal data concerning themselves by logging in to the learning environment using their own logins. Clients have the right to view their orders and to demand the rectification of erroneous personal data. Course participants have the right to demand the erasure (removal) of their data from the database. Contacts: dopinglinkki(at)

Registry data protection and retention periods:

Dopinglinkki regularly assesses the need for retention, taking into account applicable legislation. In addition, Dopinglinkki shall take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data about data subjects that are incompatible, out of date or inaccurate for the purposes of processing are not retained in the register. Dopinglinkki shall correct or destroy such information without delay.

Right of inspection and right to request correction of information

Every person in the register has the right to check the information stored in the register concerning them and to request the correction of any incorrect information or the addition or deletion of incomplete information. 

In addition, the data subject has the right to have the data transferred in machine-readable form to another registrar, if technically possible. Data processing may also be restricted. 

You can exercise your rights by sending a request to us at dopinglinkki (at) 

If the data subject wishes to check the data stored about them or request a correction, the request must be sent in writing to the data controller. If necessary, the controller may ask the applicant to prove his or her identity. The controller shall respond to the customer within the time limits set out in the EU Data Protection Regulation.You can exercise your right to inspect the information stored in the register once a year free of charge.

In addition, the data subject has the right to refer a matter concerning the exercise of rights to the supervisory authority (the Data Protection Ombudsman) if they do not consider that Dopinglinkki has complied with data protection provisions or official regulations. The contact details are also on the Data Protection Ombudsman’s website(link is external).

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

Street address: Lintulahdenkuja 4, 00530 Helsinki

Postal address: PL 800, 00531 Helsinki, Finland

Switchboard: +358 29 566 6700

If a person wishes to check the data stored about him or her or request a correction, the request must be sent in writing to the data controller. If necessary, the controller may ask the applicant to prove his or her identity. The controller will respond to the customer within the timeframe set out in the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Other considerations:

If information is collected in a different way from the above, the users of the site will be informed about data protection, the publication of the information and how the collected information will be processed.

Information on the cookie policies of the A-Clinic Foundation’s online services can be found on the A-Clinic Foundation’s website (in Finnish)(link is external).