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5th Nordic Conference

5th Nordic Conference on Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Anti-Doping Work, Helsinki, Finland, 24-25 September 2015

Thank you for participating in APED 2015. The next conference will be organized in Norway.

Dopinglinkki represetatives handing out challenge cup to Antidoping Norway representative

The objectives of this event were to share the latest knowledge about doping in recreational sports and to discuss the diverse aspects of doping in society. The event was targeted to the scientific community doing research on doping issues as well as to experts in the health care and sports industries who meet users of doping in their work.

The programme included presentations from 15 keynote speakers from 8 different countries on, e.g., the following themes:

  • Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) in recreational sports
  • Nutritional supplements, appearance and performance enhancing drugs
  • Prevention against doping in Europe
  • The latest research development on doping in recreational sports

The official conference hashtag is #APED2015.

Collaboration with Elsevier's Performance Enhancement & Health journal

We are collaborating with Elsevier’s Performance Enhancement & Health journal to publish a special issue on doping in recreational sports. The conference itself does not have an open call for papers but Performance Enhancement & Health invites researchers and PhD students to submit unpublished research papers and abstracts related to the conference themes. Please contact the journal for more information.  

Previous conferences

Uppsala, Sweden 2007, Hamar, Norway 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark 2011 and Stockholm, Sweden 2013.

For further information, please contact Dopinglinkki: dopinglinkki(at)a-klinikka.fi